Merry Christmas from the PTR team

Thanks to all of you who come here to visit and Merry Christmas, hope you all are safe, before we go any future lets get in to some Christmas spirit with some music, (Click here).

Looking back on on 2021 it has been an interesting racing year. Some great highpoint and also some things that can be done better next time around. This year we have lost to many great people in the racing community our thoughts go to their near.

From a Swedish standpoint we hade both ups and downs, two wins for Marcus Ericsson but also a horrifying crash Felix Rosenqvist that kept him out of the car for a couple of races. In Indy Lights we seen wins for one of Sweden’s up and coming driver, Linus Lundqvist, and finishing third in the championship is really good. Can’t wait to see where he ends up racing next year.

2021 marked the last year for the the Gen. 6 NASCAR racecar. I wounder if it’ll be missed by anyone, next year will maybe give us an answer to that. Bring it on and let see what kind of racing we’ll get. I haven’t been following the Next Gen testing and development to much, Jayski got that covered if you need to check on something.

Befor I return to the Christmas duties I want to thank you all for visit here AND also my contributors Frank Buhrman, David Nance and Vivian Simons and also a thought up to PattyKay Lilley up in Racing Heaven.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



    Thank you for the wishes and nice pictures. I miss having snow this year because of our relocating. Got lots of rain and wind though!

    Here is hoping you and family have a wonderful and safe Christmas with celebration and making memories to last a lifetime.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and David Nance, Vivian Simon & Frank Buhrman – the PTR writing gang. Thank you for hosting a site where knowledgeable folks with generations of racing under their belts thoughtfully & nicely share reminiscences & opinions.

    1. Dave, thank you for the nice comments. We try hard and it is so good to connect with you again here. David and Frank are great and they both lend so much to the site. Hopefully, next racing season, I will be settled down enough to add more to the site…
      Merry Christmas!

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