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My name is David Nance and I’m the newest contributor to the Pure Thunder Racing. You may have seen some of my previous work on the site Race Fans Forever. They invited me to join in 2016 and I contributed there until late last year when the site went to a fan forum format. It was shortly after that format change that PTR’s Bernth Nordin graciously extended an invitation to join the Pure Thunder Racing team… an offer I am all to glad to accept. I’m excited for this opportunity Berra has given me and look forward to racing together with the PTR family.

For background, I was born into a race fan family and grew up at the local short tracks around my hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky. My earliest racing memory was watching Darrell Waltrip crash in practice in his first attempt to race a stock car-not NASCAR, a local stock car. From there, we followed USAC, ASA, ARCA and NASCAR. My favorite track will always be Ellis Speedway, a local quarter miler back home. Although I’ve had many “favorite” drivers through the years, Jim Clark, A. J. Foyt and David Pearson top my list. Growing up, it was my dream to become the front-tire changer for the Wood Brothers. Though I never made it to that side of the fence, I’ve spent tons of hours on the other side, watching and cheering my favorites on.

t’s from that perspective that I write. You’ll find my writings diverse, ranging from personal reflections to race reviews and analysis to historical tributes. For my personal reflections, I draw on those experiences as a fan of various motorsports in hopes of sharing something that sparks readers’ interest to get into the sport, to get deeper into the sport or to renew their interest in motorsports. I so appreciate it when readers comment that “they were there” or “we did (or do) that too” or share their racing stories.

It’s our sharing of those experiences that weaves the fabric that we all know as motorsports.

You’ll find my race reviews and analysis are a little different than most you’ll read. I like to use numbers in a slightly different (but hopefully not too nerdy) manner than you normally see them to get readers to look at racing from a deeper, different angle. Recently, NASCAR (and other motorsports) have gone all in with numbers and metrics and the like. Sometimes it helps to take a slightly different look at the numbers given and am hopeful that this perspective will provide that.

History and those who made it are such a big part of the sport and since the sport is such a large part of our lives they become a part of us as well. As time races on, more and more are finishing their races here. I think it’s important to take time to remember them and reflect on the impact they have made on each of us.

You’ll find that most of my experience and writings will be on NASCAR but on occasion I may try to “slip” a piece in on other “Thunder” series. With the recent changes the sports are making it seems that the lines between the various series are beginning to blur some so when appropriate there may be an occasionally piece on other “Thunder” series.

It should be fun.


    1. Thanks Vivian! Berra did a great job finding that old program from my home track. Always good to hear from you! Stay safe and thanks again!

  1. David, I’m really excited to find your writing on PTR, just book marked the site so I can keep up with you. As always, I enjoyed your analysis of the Las Vegas race and look forward to seeing more of your thoughtful writing. Maybe this will be The Year for NASCAR !

    1. Thanks Papa P. Glad you found me. This is new for me and still trying to get my bearings and get my feet under me. Appreciate you tracking me down. Got a feeling this is going to be an interesting season so should have a lot of material. Stay tuned for 2021! Thanks again and stay safe!

  2. David, good to see you back moving some ink. And thanks for checking in during the winter storm we endured down in South East Texas.

    1. Glad you made it through that winter Greg. Had us concerned for sure. Thanks for checking in. Sorry for the delay as still getting my bearings. Take care and hope to hear from you again soon. Thanks again!

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