2018 V8 Thunder Cars

2018 V8 Thunder Cars Season Schedule

2018 V8 Thunder Cars Schedule 

No Race Track Date Track Link
1-2 Ring Knutstorp (+ STCC) Ring Knutstorp, Sweden 4-5 May Link
3-4 Anderstorp (+STCC) Scandinavian Raceway, Sweden 16-17 June Link
5-6 Västkustloppet (+STCC) Falkenberg Raceway, Sweden 7-8 July Link
7-8 Kanonloppet (+STCC) Gelleråsen, Karlskoga Sweden 18-19 August Link
9-10 Rata-SM Ahvensito Race Circuit, Finland 1-2 September Link
11-12 Final, Mantorp Park (+STCC) Mantorp Raceway, Sweden 21-22 September Link


Photo credit: DeltaPhoto.se

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