Who is the best driver in NASCAR history?

This fantastic question emerged from Sweden’s own twitter hashtag #NASCARse – a forum for NASCAR fans in Sweden/Norway (and hopefully more…) – thanks J.N.

The question, as mentioned in the headline, is direct but not an easy one:

“Who is the best driver in NASCAR history”? 

And I would like to read a motivation with that answer as well 🙂

Feel free to comment/write/discuss/debate/argue ‘in a nice way’ as much as you like!


  1. This is not in any ways an easy question to find one answer to. I finely narrowed it down to four Great driver from different ages in Nascar First from back in the 50:is Junior Johnson and the forward in time to the King Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt pup until Jeff Gordon now days but to choose only one don't know if that's possible have to think a bit more on that.

  2. Jimmy Johnson. To be so dominant in the modern far more competitive era is incredible and I'm not a 48 car fan 🙂

  3. This subject has been on my mind a lot of times during the week and many GREAT Driver been mention here and in discussions between friends . I think we all can agree on one thing thru the years we seen some of the greatest driver in racing drive in the Nascar series. So what it finely comes down to is witch driver is closest to YOUR hart and for ME it is Ward Burton. He's the one who got me really interested in Nascar racing and gave me some great friends true the years. AND that's why I now days Root fore David Gilliland, the wounderful friendship of Gillys Gang!!!

    Take Care //B

  4. The question is: "Who is the best driver in NASCAR history?"

    Chek who got the most wins in "modern era"….. =)

  5. Looking at this question it becomes aparent for me that its realy impossible for me to say whom is the greatest, i can only say who has impressed me the most (historicaly)
    Bill Elliots shows on Talladega is something that impresses me, and his pole record still stands today..
    Some of you might argue that they changed the rules, same pepole might also say that The King has 200 victorys and is better… But still Bill has the record.. I few years ago a team set out to beat that spped record. They did.. Funny thing that they werent driving a NASCAR..

  6. Trying again, Rusty Wallace is my favourite driver since I started to look at Nascar 95.. Far from best but he had a temper that only Smoker or Busch brothers can reach in their bad days.
    The best driver (not always the most successful driver) in modern time is in my opinion Jimmie Johnsson car 48. He is a excellent driver and together with Chad Knaus excellent decisions as a crew chief they also been the most successful team. The hole package is making my chpice here.

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