New hashtag for NASCAR fans in Scandinavia

We, the Swedish NASCAR fans, normally uses the #NASCARse hashtag for social media interaction on race days and for spreading NASCAR related news. We normally uses Swedish as main language on this hashtag.

An idea from our Norweigan NASCAR friends came to my email box, who also uses #NASCARse, that we perhaps could unite Scandinavian NASCAR fans under a new social media hashtag. I discussed this with my Team PTR members and we all agreed that we could ask around with the fans who today are using #NASCARse. The feedback from the race fans were to give it a go.

So, for a start, we will try to unite all Scandinavian NASCAR fans to one social media hashtag, the #NordicNASCAR hashtag. We will use English as main language. While using English, we sure will attract more NASCAR fans outside Scandinavia as well and that is even more fun.

But, we cannot do this alone. It’s important that everybody helps to “spread the word”. Thanks. (JS)

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