Sprint Fan vote – not for all?

Lately, there have been a growing irritation, specially on social media, about NASCAR “Sprint Fan Vote”. This vote is for the fans to decide who will get a spot in the 2015 NASCAR All-star race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Saturday, May 16. A highly appreciated moment for all NASCAR fans, because they get a chance to vote for their favorite driver.

All this seems perfectly neat and easy – the fans votes and that’s it. But wait, the voting is not for ALL NASCAR fans. To quote NASCAR.com Sprint Fan Vote Terms and conditions for voting:
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  The 2015 Sprint Fan Vote is open solely to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia
As above stated, the voting is only eligible for “legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Colombia”. According to above statement, NASCAR is only a sport for “US legal residents” or how should we, “non-US citizens”, NASCAR fans, think or reason about this?  Are not loving the sport of NASCAR the same as a US-citizen? I do think so, or I would say, that we outside US are as passionate as any US NASCAR fan.Maybe there are a perfectly good reason for this. Sprint, the company in charge for the voting, maybe cannot handle non-US voting for a technical reason (overflow of data?). But if this would be the case, we had appreciated some note from Sprint/NASCAR explaining this. Then, non-US NASCAR fans could stop discussing, thinking and wondering why we cannot vote for our favorite driver.

We NASCAR fans, outside US, is working hard to promote the world’s best racing sport. Please don’t neglect us – give us the same chance to vote. We are all the same NASCAR family – doesn’t matter wherever you live… (JS)

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  1. And Please Foxsports and others let us fans outside US take part off all the Nascar related videos and articles that is posted on different social medias,.

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